Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Riot's Quarterly Subscription

After weeks of waiting in agony, Book Riot's Quarterly Box finally arrived. This is their third box, yet the first one I've received. I got a bit of money for my birthday in April, so I decided to treat myself and subscribe. Before, I was reduced to living vicariously through other subscribers. It's $50 every three months and they send you a few books as well as other bookish items.

Book Riot gives hints and tells you the theme, but you don't know exactly what you're getting (it's all supposed to equal around $50). Unfortunately, I have the patience of a two-year-old, so I peeked at other subscribers' tweets and saw what they got. It wasn't as big a surprise when I opened it, but it still felt like Christmas!

What I received:

This month they picked books Riot readers were most hesitant to try: romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and young adult. 

The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin - Ninja-priests and dream magic with an ancient Egypt-inspired setting? I am totally there. There's also a hand-written note from the author included in the book. Her handwriting is . . . interesting, to say the least.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King - Young adult novel about a girl whose best friend (who she's in love with) betrays her and then dies a mysterious death. Also included with the novel is a flow chart about King's writing process.

A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean - A historical romance set in London. Um. I don't read much romance, but I'll give this one a try. My only problem is I don't know where to put it on my bookshelves. I don't really have a romance section. There's also a 10 Reasons to Read Romance poster that comes with it. I can't say it has convinced me, but I'll give the book a whirl.

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick - Young adult novel about a boy dealing with his brother's illness and, you know, teen things. This book was an extra. Around 25% of subscribers get lottery items, including Kobo Arc Tablets, totes, and other books. I really wanted a "I Read YA" tote bag, but I'm glad I got an extra book instead.

These books, besides maybe The Killing Moon, aren't something I'd normally pick, which is one of the reasons I subscribed. I'm trying to branch out and read things other than YA and adult science fiction and fantasy. It's good to have variety? Right?

I also received:

  • Literary Aces Playing Cards - Cute deck of cards with wacky drawings of classic authors.
  • "I Read YA" pin - Putting it on my writing tote.
  • Out of Print Library Card Pouch - Adorable little pouch that I'm going to use for pens and pencils.
  • 2 free months of Oyster Ebook Subscription - I guess it's kind of like a Netflix for ebooks. I don't read a lot of ebooks, I like the feeling of a book in my hand, but this'll be a great way for me to branch out into other genres without having to pay for it.

I wish I had the money (if only I'd become an adult and get a job) to do this every three months. I think it's really the excitement of not knowing what you're going to get (unless you spoil it like me) that I like the most. I would definitely recommend doing this if you're as much a geek as me.

Has anyone else ever subscribed?