Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Update] 学校が嫌いだぞ

Summer vacation is over. 


Autumn is my favorite season, yet I can never enjoy it because I'm stuck in school. Luckily, this is my last year of college. Might even be my last semester if I decide to graduate early. Six years is more than enough. And I'm not even getting a master's or a doctorate. Just a bachelor's on top of the associate's I already have. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll go back and get a PhD so people can call me Dr. Harpel. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  

The best part is, I'm only taking one class and that's Japanese Year Four, which is going to kick my ass. A lot of the kids who take it have studied in Japan at some point, so they'll all be super fluent while I'm staring off into space 'cause I don't know what the heck's going on. But at least I only have to go to class twice a week (no school on Mondays, yay!) for two hours. I should have plenty of time to read, write, and revise to study. 

Speaking of writing, I didn't get half as far as I'd hoped to over the summer. I have about ten chapters left of a standalone I am temporarily calling Shadows and Chains. Sounds kinda kinky, huh? I couldn't think of anything else. Still can't think of anything else. Enchanted Shadows? Rogue Princess? Whatever. As for The Kingdom's Champion, I'm currently taking a long-ass break from it and focusing on the second book, temporarily called Death's Champion, which I have four chapters left to write, and outlining book three . . . Something or Someone's Champion.  (^▽^)

Since I didn't get what I wanted done, as promised, I'm committing seppuku. My weapon of choice: 

It's Nerf. Or nothing. 

Anyone else heading back to school?