Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Update] I'm Baaack

What I'm Listening To: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Scott D. Davis

Guten Tag! Wie gehts? It's been a while since my last post. Apparently I began my blog on May 24th of last year, so I'm a little late in celebrating [Insert Title]'s one year anniversary (you'd think I'd have come up with a name for it by now). Ah, well. I've been busy sleeping in, reading, and, of course, writing. Not to mention doing yoga while having a Friends marathon. So proud of myself for trying to get in shape. *sips Dr. Pepper*

As for my writing, I'm currently 34,000 words into a YA fantasy standalone novel (temporarily titled Shadows and Chains because I can think of nothing else) that I hope to complete either this month or the next. I'm currently getting some feedback on it at (there's still a few slots left in my private queue if anyone is interested) and, from what the feedback I've been getting, I feel like it's got some potential, though a few people hate the main character with a passion, which I'm fine with. She's a hard character to like. I'm also getting ready to query my first novel The Kingdom's Champion. I have a few agents in mind, but I'm pretty nervous about sending out my query.

So I finally went to my first writer's conference two weekends ago at the Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis. It was the Children's and YA literature conference. I was really hesitant to go at first and considered backing out until I paid the fee, which thereby sealed my fate. I learned a few things, number one being I don't know how to mingle. I was the awkward one standing by the wall with no one to talk to. I really don't know how to strike up a conversation. Even with fellow authors.

Networking is a bitch.