Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Konnichiwa! Hisashiburi da naa (Been a while, hasn't it?). I've been pretty busy with school, though that's not the only reason I haven't been posting. Honestly, I haven't felt like blogging. Or reading anyone's blogs. I've been in a meh kind of mood lately.

I guess there's not much point to this post but to let you know I haven't died. Yet. Also, I'm procrastinating. Tomorrow I have a 5-6 page paper due on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean writing systems and how they're considered some of the "worst" and "best" of world writing systems. Naturally, I wait until the night before it's due to work on it. I also have a five minute interview with my Japanese teacher tomorrow afternoon. Basically, we're going to talk about the custom of gift giving in Japan and how it's different than from the US. Should be terrifying.

Spring break is next week, so hopefully I'll be able to get some posts written. However, my biggest goal over break is to get some research done on my 20 page paper that's due at the end of the semester. Depending on how it turns out, I might post part or all of my essay, since I'm not going to pour my sweat, blood, and tears into writing the cursed thing without sharing it with the world. Here's my tentative thesis statement if you're curious:

Buddhism—and to some extent, Daoism and Confucianism—has had a distinct influence on Shinto, Japan’s indigenous religion. Most Japanese these days would have no qualms professing they consider themselves both Shintoists and Buddhists and, though we might not easily see it at first, both Shinto and Buddhism play a large role in Japanese people’s everyday lives, their perceptions of gender, and the government. From Shinto’s earliest conception, through the Pacific War, to modern day Japan, this paper attempts to show the progression and influence of Japan’s syncretic belief system.

Actually, I take that back. My biggest goal over break is to finish revising book one of my series, so that I can finish book two by my 23rd birthday in April (holy balls, I'm getting old). I'm having a lot of fun revising it, and I'm smoothing out a lot of the kinks. In some parts, it's hardly recognizable, which is great. I've already cut out about 5000 words and I'm only done revising chapters one through eight. Feels great getting rid of all the excess crap.

Sorry to those on Critique Circle! I'm ashamed I'm so behind on crits. You all must hate me.

Anyway, I hope to post again sometime soon. Perhaps on something more interesting.

How's everyone else doing?


  1. Don't envy you on the assignments :(. Yuck! I used to procrastinate on stuff like that too. Good luck. Dangle a reward for yourself out there to get it done...uh, books?

    Wow, 23. I can almost hear your bones creaking from here. Make sure to get lots of sleep. That's so important in your advanced years.

  2. I should really do the reward system since I buy way too many books. For a while, I was trying to cut myself off by saying I could only buy one book after I finished writing so much of my novel. I think it lasted a week.

    I know! I'm so old! :'( At least I get lots of naps. Even if they never help.

    Cute cat!

  3. Thanks! That's Kablooey. He's a $3000 rescue cat:(. Broke his leg tearing around the house and had to have surgery. Broke it again the day after he came home trying to escape from his kennel. Vet put him on sedatives afterward just to keep him mellow while his leg healed. It just made him normal. She said that if cats could have ADHD, he'd qualify. Fits in great with the rest of the family :p. He's lucky sweet and funny.

  4. Dumb Macro Economics!!! LOL. I been bust with school work too. However, I also (finally) sent out part of my story to get edited by a professional editor. (My grammar sucks : ( )

    I also finally got my novel copyrighted. It's only 35.00 bucks, so it wasn't that bad.

    I haven't written much, but I been editing like crazy.

    I also read Pendragon and almost fell asleep in the process. It was all right, but nothing special in my opinion. However, I'm reading New Moon by Sydori Snyder and I'm loving it!!!!!

  5. I actually wrote a 20 page paper on Zen Buddhism and its role in the lives of Samurai, and a 10 page paper one on servants during Heian Japan. I liked it. I hope you have fun with yours.

  6. That sounds really interesting. Sad thing is, I focus more on the language, so I don't always know much about Japanese history.

  7. Macro Economics? I took a class like that before. It started at 8:00 in the morning, so I never went, and I rarely studied, but somehow I still got an A in the class.

    I've been editing like crazy too. I'm nearly done with my fifth draft and am hoping to polish it up enough to start sending out queries soon. At the very latest, I hope to have it done by May. I plan on attending a writer's conference then, so it'd be nice to have a finished product I can show people. Good luck with editing! (I wish I had money to send mine off to a professional editor).

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't like Pendragon. It still remains to be one of my all-time favorites. It's up there with Harry Potter. I actually modeled a lot of my characters off of his. I'm glad you like New Moon. It's an awesome trilogy.

  8. I only sent the first 100 pages because I don't have money for the entire novel (roughly 400 pages, 85k words.).

    I've been considering attending a conference. There's a few held in L.A that I could attend.