Thursday, February 14, 2013

[List] V-Day Special - Cutest Couples in Books

Happy Valentine's Day and junk! I'm surprising myself by making this post, since I'm not a big fan of V-Day. I'm not much of a romantic, I don't like pink or red (unless it's blood), and hearts are icky (unless they're real). The only good thing about the holiday is my boyfriend gives me candy, which I get to pick out. He picks out his gift from me as well. It's a remarkably easy way to celebrate the holiday, since we both hate giving presents.

Fun fact: On Valentine's day in Japan, only girls give guys gifts, which is usually chocolate. Then a month later, on White Day, men who received gifts are obligated to reciprocate.

This was kind of a hard list to make. I don't read romance, so I have to take my characters from fantasy and science fiction. I like partners who are best friends--they know what the other is thinking and can finish each other's sentences. And the best romances tend to be when the couple hates each other at first, are always at each other's throats, and then eventually get along. Love at first sight makes me nauseous.

Here's my list of mushy lovey dovey ick:

Kaye and Rath Roiben Rye 
Great example of a couple that doesn't get a long very well at first.

Tiger Lily and Peter Pan 
And then stupid Wendy messed it all up!

Train Man and Hermes
It's cute reading about a socially inept otaku trying to get the girl.

Stacey and Jacob 
It's been so long since I read the book, I can't remember why I like this couple. I just do.

Ron and Hermione
Sad thing is, I don't think Ginny and Harry make that great of a couple.

Kylar and Elene 
The two grew up in the streets together, and they're always taking care of each other.

Drizzt (with cat) and Cattie-Brie (red-head)
These two have to be my favorite. They're both so badass!
Can't say I'm not jealous of her though.

I'd also like to add two of my own characters from my WIP. Mark (the blond up top) and Princess Alezandre (the one pulling on him) make a cute couple. They're both geeky, smart, and shy, and that combination usually always makes a great duo. 

Any cute couples you like?


  1. WHAAAA!!!!!! How could you make a list without the greatest of all couples- Bella and Edward!!! LOL, JK, JK

    Actually my favorite couple has to be Peeta Mallark and Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, but Jack and Akiko from Young Samurai come in at a close second.

    P.S My story actually has a love triangle going on- Falcon & Aya, and Falcon & Faith.

  2. Sorry for the delayed response! I've been swamped with homework. Also, sorry I haven't gotten to your chapters on CC yet. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about you.

    There might have been a time when I would have included Bella and Edward. But that was before the movie made it super popular. Peeta and Katniss are a good couple. I didn't even think of them. I've only read the first book in the series. I'm waiting for the next book to come out in paperback.

    Love triangles are fun. In my story, besides Alezandre and Mark being a couple, there is a triangle between Kevin, Jordan, and Aiden (the three characters on the right).

  3. I'm sorry, I never read your story (except 1 chapter). Who's the prince? Aiden?

  4. Yes, Aiden's the prince. Don't worry about not reading it. I'm pretty much redoing the entire thing anyway. Hopefully if you do read it, it will be published. :D

  5. Can't wait to read it!!!!

    I feel sorry for Kevin. He has to compete with a prince, not easy.

  6. Thanks. ^.^

    Yeah, but Kevin's got the whole being part of a prophecy thing, so he's not completely out of the running.