Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Rant] I Hate Teens

I have a confession to make. I despise teenagers.

This is probably not a good thing to say since I consider myself a YA writer, and some of my followers on this blog are teens. No offense is intended, of course. You guys are awesome (and future readers of my novels are also amazing *wink*wink*). I just don’t like the vast majority of your peers.

I didn't like teenagers when I was a teen and me getting older hasn't changed anything. Except to make me more grumpy and set in my ways. One of the biggest issues I have with teens (and of course I'm speaking of a certain type, and not all) is they're always trying to act older than they are. The kids at my high school partied and drank and had the sex. I never understood it. Why try to act older than you are? You're a teen! Enjoy your time as one. It's not going to last forever.

Last weekend I was at the Mall of America. Unfortunately, I went the day there was a dance/Cheerleading competition. Why do, like, so many teenage girls, like, feel the need to, like, talk so freaking much?

щ(ಥДಥщ) Whhhhy?

I keep asking myself, why am I writing for teens since I don't like them? Truth is, I like the idea of a teenager. They're young, they're trying to find their way in the world (whatever that means), and they have a unique outlook on life. I love reading from the perspective of teenagers particularly because most teens in YA novels, at least the ones I read, are exceptional and interesting.

However, real teens bug the ever-living hell out of me. And I shouldn't say I hate all teens. I've met a few who are quite intelligent and hardworking (the creator of The YA Dogtown, for example). You know they're going places. I just wish there were more like them because, quite frankly, the future scares me. I suppose every generation goes through something like this though, huh?

The funny thing is I still get mistaken for a teenager. A few months ago, one of my mom's coworkers asked me what grade I was in, thinking I was still in high school. I responded, "Oh, haha, I'm in my fifth year of college." And you want to know what the sad thing is? I kind of miss being a teen. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

I suppose I could also say the same thing for children too. I like the idea of children. They're cute and fun for a little while, at least, but, really, all they do is suck the life out of you and leave you with an empty wallet. They're the devil, and that's the reason why I won't be writing any children's books anytime soon.

I hate adults too though.

. . . Real people just suck. This is why I read. 


  1. ~Your post reminds me of a qoute I read long ago : `Hell is other people`
    I agree with you though, teens can be so annoying! Especially when they`re trying to act all mature! You`re young, for gosh`s sake! Enjoy your childhood before you get trust into the adult world of work and stress!
    And adults, they don`t let you act childish. They keep saying act your age! Don`t watch cartoons, don`t run around, etc.

    But frankly, I think babies are the worst. All they do is cry and poop and scream and sleep. It`s infuriating. Plus, adults find them adorable and they end up getting all the attention by just lying there, being lazy.

  2. I can relate to this. I think we get this kind of mindset when thinking of people in general, because the collective flaws stand out more than the overall virtues, especially when you hang out around such a crowd for a long time.

    I think my protagonist also holds this attitude toward teen. He looks down at most of them, thinks himself as more mature, but his main problem that he needs to let go.

  3. That's true. Adults expect teens to act like adults, but not too much because they still think of them as children, even though they're not supposed to act childish. It's all so complicated. haha

    I dunno, I think babies are adorable. I love holding them until they start crying or their diapers need changing. Then I swiftly return them to their parents.

    Thanks for following my blog! :)

  4. A lot of my teenage protagonists think that way too. It's funny how closely my protagonists tend to have the same views as me. I should probably quit writing them like that and break out of my comfort zone.