Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[List] Top Ten K-Pop Idols

A few years back a friend introduced me to the K-Pop band Super Junior. Thus started my obsession--and really it has become an obsession--with Korea. I'm starting to think I picked the wrong language when I chose Japanese. And what's crazy about my love for K-Pop is that I don't normally like pop music. I'm all about rock and classical. But I made an exception for K-Pop. One, I can't understand what they're saying, so they don't sound retarded. And two, these men are flippin' gorgeous.

TVXQ's Kim Jaejoong

Lee Gi Kwang from B2ST

Lee Kiseop of U-Kiss
I think he would make an excellent Black Knight for when my novel is adapted to film. *nod*

Lee Byung-hun from Teen Top

Super Junior's Yesung

MBLAQ's Lee Joon
He was in freaking Ninja Assassin! I had no idea.
Lee Taemin from SHINee

CNU from B1A4
Jin-young from B1A4

Gongchan from B1A4

I love B1A4! They're all so adorable!

Do you know how many times I screamed giddily and giggled maniacally while making this post? It's like I'm a tween again. Only, I never acted like this as a tween. Must be making up for lost times.

Is it creepy that I do this? Very much so. Do I care? Not at all. They're all overage! ...Can I be considered a cougar at 22? Hmm.

Does anyone else enjoy K-Pop?


  1. ...


    Why did I click on this...? Why did I click on this? Why did I click on this? THEY'RE ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

    Okay, I'm over it. (No matter what anyone else says, a man should be allowed to admit that another man is handsome. Or beautiful.) Anyway, I think my brother's actually into K-Pop, or at least enjoys a couple of songs; he gave me his old mp3 player when he traded up, so he left a song or two on there. And yeah, they're pretty good -- though for the life of me I can't remember the names of the bands or the songs. Still, I think I'll stick with J-Rock, at least for the moment. JAM Project is pure hot-bloodedness.


    I CAN FLY! YOU CAN FLY! WE CAN FLY! MOTTO MOTTO! I think the national anthem needs amending...

  2. They are too beautiful. I hate it when men are prettier than me. :B And right on! I agree men should be able to admit that kind of stuff, and I have more respect for guys who can. And don't even get me started on guys who have legit man crushes on other guys.

    I haven't gotten quite obsessed with J-Rock yet, though I love the look of a lot of Visual Kei bands. Their music is awesome, but I usually can't stand the singer's voice, which is unfortunate. The ones I listen to most are Girugamesh, LM.C, and Maximum the Hormone.

  3. Ah, LM.C. They did one of the openings for Reborn -- my favorite one, in fact. There's just something so fun and fancy free about "Boys and Girls"; I would say more, but I have a date with YouTube. And away I go!

  4. I like how you put that Lee Kiseop would be an excellent Black Knight. I sometimes wonder what actors would I like to portray my characters if my novel ever got made into a movie (Hey, one can dream). I always saw Patricia Ja Lee as Aya. Well, she's getting a little old to be Aya now, but back in her Power Ranger day's.

  5. I'm constantly wondering what actors and actresses would be good for my characters. Most of the time, though, I would rather they be new to acting, so that they're relatively unknown. She seems like a good choice, though I never did watch the Power Rangers. Other than the movie, that is.

  6. i Love B1A4 ! *0* Especially Gongchan !