Thursday, January 10, 2013

[List] Favorite J-Rock Bands

As a lover of rock and Japan, you'd think I'd be more into J-Rock. Especially Visual Kei, since the costumes are freaking awesome. The music is usually excellent, but the singer's voice throws me off a lot of the time. Either they speak terrible Engrish, or they just have sucky voices in general. It makes me wonder if the vast majority of people in Japan are tone deaf.

The following are my favorite J-Rock bands. Enjoy!

Maximum the Hormone (Death Note anyone?)






Do you have a favorite J-Rock band?


  1. ....these people don't dress up like the way rock makes you feel. Their hair is WAY too nice, lol

  2. I love the spikey anime hair look! I wish I could get away with it...


    You know, I'd heard of the meme before, but I could never be bothered to check out their music for myself. I can see that I've made a slight miscalculation; they're pretty good! Of course, when I think of J-rock I can't quite divorce myself from the sounds of T.M. Revolution. Here's living proof that you don't need pants to ROCK (and fairly loudly, at that):

    Also, I was originally going to reference video game composer Daisuke Ishiwatari, but I had a hard time paring it down to a single song to suggest. (It certainly doesn't help that I'm considering building a shrine to the man, as a tribute to the one who's become my personal lord and savior.) So just go to YouTube and search for "guilty gear ost" or "blazblue ost". Maybe you'll find something pretty friggin' good.

    Or just listen to this. This might do it. If nothing else, it may serve as a verifiable generator of hype. Potentially.

  4. That's certainly an interesting outfit he's wearing. lol. I dunno, I'm not a huge fan of live performances. Unless I'm actually there, of course. Even then, all I want is earplugs (Trans Siberian Orchestra nearly made my ears bleed). Perhaps if I listen to the recorded version, I might find it more agreeable. I definitely think I'm drawn more to Ishiwatari. I'll have to search through his music. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Oh, an Ishiwatari convert, eh? Welcome to the convent -- and as long as I'm here, I forgot to mention that he did the music for another game: Hard Corps: Uprising. Here's a song from that one, if you're interested.

    And now I'm off to go find out what a convent is. *consults electronic dictionary*

    ...Huh. So I guess I'm a nun now.