Friday, November 30, 2012

フェイル Fail.

Welp. I didn't make it to 50,000 words. Only got to around, uh, 16,0000.  Don't judge. 17 credits of schoolwork + 1667 words a day just didn't mesh well. Though, if I hadn't gotten stuck on this one part, I could have probably made it. I just don't know how to proceed and I need to take a break and really think about it. Also, I have trouble sticking to one project for an extended amount of time. I like to jump back and forth between my novels because I get bored or stuck. Does anyone else have this problem?

I'll definitely return to writing my NANO novel because I really like the character's voice and the darker tone (plus all the wonderful violence), but it won't be until after I polish my first novel. It's killing me that I don't have anything to submit to agents. I just want to start emailing people! Gah! Overall, I'm a bit disappointed I just gave up, but I'm happy to be revising my other novels. I missed them terribly. 

How did you guys fare? Did you make it? 


  1. I'm at 49k at the moment! I'm finishing today.

  2. Hey, no worries -- there's always next year. Or you could take the sneaky route and make ANY month a NaNo month...and then next year write a hundred thousand words in one month. And then brag about it from the top of a mountain. Preferably, NOT the Himalayas.

    ...I have a habit of going onto weird tangents in my comments.

    In any case, as I decided NOT to (officially) work on a NaNo project, I can hardly say I'm qualified to discuss any victories. Doubly so when I didn't work on a single project, but several. That said, I managed to surpass the 50k threshold a few days ago with the combined counts of each document over the past month. I'm still kind of annoyed that I couldn't put my all into one project -- and there is one that I'm eager to work on -- but I want to give it the time it needs to develop. So, yeah, I kinda did it, but I kinda didn't.

    In any case, there is one bit of good that came out of this month: I managed to put the finishing touches on my web serial novel (sure, let's call it that), and I've reached a point where I can not only put it on hiatus for a few months, but start promoting it in earnest. So NaNo aspirations aside, I'd definitely call that a victory. And as I recall, I made a promise to tell you when you could start reading.

    And now, fortune smiles upon you! (Maybe!) The day has come, so enjoy (potentially).

    My bit of (shameful) self-promotion aside -- wow, I'm using a lot of parentheses in this comment -- I'm hoping you can carve out a win in future endeavors. The 50k plateau may have eluded you for now, but just getting something going and the excitement and promise that follows is just as valuable, you know?

  3. Awesome! Congrats. I'm jealous. lol Any tips you can give me for next year (if I plan to do it)?

  4. First, focus on streamlining schoolwork, learning how to do work better and study better without sacrificing quality.

    Then, once you have schoolwork handled, note all the time you have during the day, and during the morning and evening, and write.

    Loose advice, since I lost my lead during Thanksgiving weekend, and I also have an unfair advantage since I seem to do my homework faster than most people, but it worked out for me in the end.

  5. I miss the days when I was in high school. I could have probably made it to 50K back then. But now I don't get home until 5 or 6 most nights and then I have about 2 or 3 hours of homework after that. And if I have to do any translation practices in Japanese, that's an extra hour or two. It doesn't help that I'm a super slow writer and most of my time is spent staring at the wall contemplating. Anyway, thanks! I'll keep it in mind. ^.^

  6. I think after I graduate I might try NANO again. I'll just have work then and I'll have no stinkin' homework.

    And even if you wrote 50k words without it being just one story, that's still pretty good, so congrats for kinda doing it. :D

    Yay! I'm excited to finally read your story! I might not get to it until Christmas break, since finals are coming up. But I will read it for sure!

  7. AHHhhhh don't feel bad, Joey. I also didn't make it. I got to 42, 261.
    I could have done it, but it would have required me to write a bunch of filler type writing just to get to the word count. I didn't see the use in that.
    I also go to College full term and work as a substitute teacher. It certainly didn't help that two big video games were released this month (Darn you Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black ops II- How many of my precious writing hours did you rob me off). The only thing I had going for me is that I don't sleep much (5-6 hours a night). But in the end that wasn't enough.
    I'm still proud of myself for what I accomplished. Considering that I'm a slow rider and I wasn't even going to do the challenge. I only did it because you and a friend from college were also going for it (she got to 22k).
    That being said. I don't think I will EVER do this challenge again. LOl, It was fun, though.

  8. 42k is pretty good and you should be proud. Yeah, I could have kept going too but I probably would have to delete it all when I revise anyway. I know some people will tell you to just write and not worry about it, but what's the point of writing if you're just going to end up deleting it later? I'd rather work on what I know I'll keep.

    I'm sad to hear you won't do the challenge again. But I agree it's really stressful. I might not be able to do it until after I graduate.

    BTW what are you going to college for?


    (I would have posted this sooner, but I have a horrific disease that results in delayed reactions and inability to make good jokes within a reasonable time frame. But in any case, thanks. Hope my work's up to par.)

  10. lol, well thanks for the delayed laugh.

  11. WHAAAAA!!!! You haven't read my CC bio!!! I have my major there. : (

    LOL. JK. I'm a History major. GO Chinese and Japanese history!!!!!!!!

  12. After I asked, I actually went back and looked at your CC profile. lol. I love history classes. I could probably be a history minor with all of the classes I've taken over the years.

    I wish I knew more about Japanese history though. They don't have a straight up history class at my school for it, so I have to take literature and film classes to fill in the gaps. What year in Japanese language are you?

    BTW, I'm going to try to get to your chapter on CC tonight. I'm sorry if I missed any. I forget to check the public queues. I wish it notified me when you posted things.

  13. I only taken 2 Japanese language classes, ans one Mandarin Chinese. (My japanese sucks, though) I'm sure I'm nowhere close to you. (I have a really hard time learning all of it.)

    Here at CSUB we have a great courses in Japanese and Chinese History. I love it!!!!!

  14. わたしはさんねんせいです。かんじがわかりますか。I'll admit, Japanese is hard. But it's fun! Chinese seems like it would be painful. Too many characters to learn.

    Unfortunately, when they do have Japanese history classes, I can't take them because I have Japanese at the time.