Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello, Author. Nice to Meet You.

Since we're neck deep into the digital age, we have easy access to our favorite authors. We stalk them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, and creep on their blogs and websites. We learn more about them than just the short bio on the back cover of their book.

I'm not sure I entirely like it.

When I became obsessed with reading in junior high, I didn't want to know anything about the authors of my favorite books. What they looked like, where they're from, how they came up with their brilliant stories. I avoided the back cover like the plague. If I saw just a glimpse of their picture, I'd get pissed off. And it's not just with books that I feel this way. I have this thing where I hate learning who the voice actors are of my favorite cartoons. Why, you ask? Because I end up picturing them in my mind when I watch the show. I do the same with authors. I picture them as I read their story. And, let's face it, authors aren't always the most attractive bunch.

Most importantly, though, knowing the author lessens the story, makes it just a book rather than something more special.

Okay, so you're probably thinking I'm insane (and you're right). I realize, of course, it's just a made-up world with made-up characters. But I like to pretend something like it could actually happen, that it actually does exist. I can't help it I prefer fiction to reality.

But since I've gotten serious about writing, I realize I have to push away my wants as a reader and begin looking at things like a writer. It's imperative to know some things about successful authors. Their techniques, their style, how they got into the business, etc. Sometimes it gets me even more motivated to write by knowing how famous authors live. I want their lifestyle. I want to go to be able to travel to another country to write my next book. I want to go to writing retreats in the Greek Isles and to writing conventions. I want to do book signings. I want my book to become a movie.

*strikes godly pose* I want readers to grovel at my feet. 

It's also nice being able to chat with fellow aspiring (though I hate that term) writers. I like that I can share my work on my blog and have other writers read it (*waves* wassup?). I like being able to talk to people who have published their work and are wonderful enough to share their secrets.

My biggest fear, however, is following an author on Twitter or their blog and finding out they're, quite simply, an asshat. I mean, what if it turns out I don't actually like the person who created such an amazing novel? Will I still like their work? Or will I hate it just as much as I do them?

Do you prefer anonymity? Or do you like getting to know your favorite authors?


  1. Funny enough, I actually prefer knowing the face of the author. In some cases, it's unavoidable with me, since I interact with many author bloggers over the Internet.

    In a couple of cases, being in the author's community makes me more lenient about his/her work, although I'm not afraid to point a few things out here and there.

  2. When I become friends with a writer, like on critique circle, I sometimes can get pretty harsh on their work because I truly want them to succeed. I'd like to be lenient because I don't want to hurt their feelings, but at the same time, they need to know what's working and what's not.

    Thanks for sharing! :D