Monday, June 4, 2012

Mark Alberts

What I'm reading: The Light-Bearer's Daughter - O.R. Melling
What I'm listening to: Silence. It is indeed blissful.

Mark is one of my favorite characters because I can relate to him the most. He's shy, doesn't like to be touched, and he's a geek. He's into anime, gaming, and is obsessed with fantasy and sci-fi. Every birthday wish he makes, he asks for an adventure like the ones he reads in his books. When he wakes up in Garthna, he finally gets that wish. Only, he's not destined to be the hero. Kevin is. Mark becomes more than a little jealous of his friend who can wield a sword and do magic. Of the three, I've been told Mark is the most sympathetic character (and he should be made into the primary main character, not Kevin). His mother died years ago, he lives with his alcoholic dad in a dirty trailer house, and he always ends up being the one who gets hurt (seriously, I like to make my characters feel pain, and he gets the brunt of it. ψ(`∇´)ψ). Mark's also the brainy one of the group and spends most of his time in Garthna researching in the immense library of the castle. Weapon of choice: sword. Weapon he is actually capable of using: bow and arrow.

Some of the music videos are a little, um, out there. If you look up the first one, you'll know what I'm talking about. Mark has an...interesting taste in music.

So now you've met the three main characters from earth. I also get inside the head of three other characters from my fantasy world: A prince, a king, and an assassin. I may delete the king's section entirely though. I haven't decided yet. There are only maybe three chapters that follow him and I know if you have too many POV switches, readers get confused and irritated (especially those sillyheads who abhor multiple-POV). I honestly prefer multiple points of view just because I get bored following the same character around. They create tension and make me want to keep reading. Usually.

Next up: A review of The Light-Bearer's Daughter by O.R. Melling. Maybe. I've never done one before. :B

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