Friday, May 25, 2012

Kevin Foley

What I'm Reading: Road of the Patriarch by R.A. Salvatore
What I'm Listening To: Still Counting - Volbeat

I'd like to introduce one of the three main characters in my YA novel The Kingdom's Champion. Because Kevin is the Champion, thus the "chosen one," he gets more attention than the others (to Mark's irritation). Kevin is a sixteen-year-old from a suburb of Minneapolis and his family is lower middle-class. He prefers to spend most of his time hanging out with his friends, working on his dad's '70 G.T.O, and, unfortunately, drinking and ignoring homework. He's got a bit of an attitude, doesn't like to be ordered around, and doesn't want to be the Champion. He's the only one of the three who can do magic. My biggest concern with Kevin is that people find him too unlikable at the beginning of the story. Honestly, he's a bit whiny. Despite all of his faults though, he's brave, strong, and is willing to do anything to protect his friends. I think he's just one of those characters who has to grow on you.

I know this is silly, but I've created a playlist for each of my main characters. I have a top fifty list on my iPod, but on here I'm only going to post his top twenty songs, which are in no particular order. (Yeah, I know I'm a huge geek. What of it?) Super inappropriate songs are labeled with an asterisk. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Kevin mostly listens to music when he's working in the garage on the car or when he's driving his friends around. I usually listen to the playlist when I'm writing scenes from his point of view. It helps to get into his mindset, and its easier for me to get his voice right.

Yonde kudasatte arigatoo gozaimashita! Thank you for reading! Next, I'll post Jordan's bio.


  1. You made a whole playlist for you character? That's actually not a bad idea. I'm of the opinion that no character is complete without a theme song (or two), so I've got that front covered...but a playlist? Man, guess I've got some work to do.

    If you're interested, here's a sung that I think suits one of my leads well. Of course, it certainly helps that it's a righteous song overall.

    1. Creating playlists really helps me understand my characters better. I mainly just take from my favorite songs. Kevin's is especially closest to what I usually listen to. I know I'm dorky for doing it, but it's fun. ^.^

      I've never played that game before, but nice song. Thanks for sharing!